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Leith Lynx? What's that all about then?

Quick answer is that this is about Leith, jewel of Edinburgh, sparkling down by the docks, just waiting for you to visit...


Leith Lynx


All you need is Leith!

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All you need is Leith ~ Leith is all you need!

Leith is the port of Edinburgh as well as the port of Leith – always has been and hopefully it always will be. We talk of Leith as a single entity now but it hasn’t been like that since the beginning of time. No, there used to be two Leiths – one on either side of the river mouth. These were designated North Leith and South Leith. They still exist, of course, except that now there’s only one Leith comprising both parts. The things you can find out on the web, eh?

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